Chad Pecknold , associate professor, theology, was interviewed by Voice of America on the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. His comments appeared in two VOA stories. See below.

From: Voice of America Date: June 26, 2015 Author: Cindy Saine

Chad Pecknold, an associate professor at Catholic University of America, told VOA the ruling was particularly difficult for the Catholic Church, "because what it does is inscribe in the fundamental Western law a view of marriage that the Catholic Church does not hold as valid. This is a challenge to the church's view of the nature of a person and the nature of marriage, but it is also a legal, or potential legal, challenge to the church's institutions, and this is what the church is going to be particularly watchful of."

Pecknold said the ruling could force churches to spend their time and money defending themselves from lawsuits that challenge their core beliefs, instead of preaching the Gospel.

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