Monsignor Stephen Rossetti , clinical associate professor, was quoted in a Washington Post story on the new tribunal established for bishops accused of covering up sex abuse. See below.

Pope Francis approves new tribunal to judge bishops accused of covering up sex abuse

From: Washington Post Date: June 10, 2015 Author: Michelle Boorstein and Abby Ohlheiser


"It's a major thing because it's putting bishops on notice. It's saying: 'If you don't deal with this, you have to face the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,' and no one wants to face the CDF," said Monsignor Stephen Rossetti, a psychologist and professor at the Catholic University of America who used to head St. Luke's Institute - a key treatment center for priest-offenders.

Rossetti called the issue of accountability for bishops who oversee or cover up abusers "the cutting edge" for the church. Long ago, he noted, the Vatican established that abusers had committed the "gravest of crimes ... but I think it's true that this issue of accountability [for their bishop-bosses] was not as nailed down. This nails it down very clearly."


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