Mark Rienzi , professor, law, was interviewed by the National Review on the Little Sisters of the Poor going to the Supreme Court for religious-liberty protection. See below.

Why the Little Sisters of the Poor Have Gone to the Supreme Court

From: National Review Date: July 24, 2015 Author: Kathryn Jean Lopez

On Thursday, July 23, the Little Sisters of the Poor, women religious who dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ and the service of the elderly poor, went to the Supreme Court of the United States for the second time for religious-liberty protection. Last week, the Tenth Circuit ruled against them, insisting that they comply with the coercive abortion-drug, contraception, and female-sterilization mandate that the Obama administration continues to stand by. Mark L. Rienzi is the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty lawyer who is representing the Sisters (meet Sister Constance here), and a professor at the Catholic University of America's (my alma mater) Columbus School of Law. He talks about the case. - KJL

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