Stephen Schneck , director, Institute of Policy Research & Catholic Studies, was quoted in a Religion News Service story on Pope Francis's popularity. See below.

From: Religion News Service (via America) Date: July 22 Author: David Gibson

Stephen Schneck, head of the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies at Catholic University of America in Washington, blamed pundits on the right and left, like Rush Limbaugh and Rachel Maddow, for "politicizing" the pope's teachings.

"He's not a conservative or progressive, not a Democrat or Republican. So stop trying to clobber him with those yardsticks," Schneck wrote in an email. "How many times do our pundits need to be told that he's carrying the same message as John Paul II and Benedict XVI?"

Schneck said that as the visit approaches, he expects Francis' poll numbers "to rebound to his strong, earlier levels - that is, if both the right and the left will stop dragging him into their partisan squabbles."

Is it too late? Has "Francis fatigue" displaced the "Francis effect"?

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