John Grabowski , associate professor, moral theology, was interviewed by Catholic News Agency about why efforts to have gay marriage recognized as a sacrament can not be successful. See below.

Why the effort to make gay marriage sacramental won't work

From: Catholic News Agency Date: Aug. 2, 2015 Author: Kevin Jones

Dissenting Catholic groups have called for gay marriage to be recognized as a sacrament, but Catholic theology has a clear priority: marriage is God's creation - and not even the Church can change that.Dr. John Grabowski, a professor of moral theology at Catholic University of America, said that the push for "sacramental equality" by groups such as Dignity USA shows "a lack of understanding of what the Church is and the nature of the Church and what the sacraments are.""'Marriage equality' made for a good slogan, but in the Church's understanding, marriage is not something that can be 'redefined'; if you will, by interest groups, by government, or even by the Church itself," he told CNA July 29.


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