Rev. Michael Witczak , associate professor, liturgical studies, was quoted in a July 3 Washington Post article about Aloysius Schwartz, a local priest who is being considered for sainthood. See below.

A D.C. priest might have what it takes to be a saint

From: Washington Post Date: Aug. 12, 2015 Author: Christine Ayala

Although Aloysius Schwartz died 23 years ago, parishioners of the small Holy Name Catholic Church on 11th Street NE pray for him every Sunday, in hopes that they can one day call him a saint.


For Schwartz to become a saint, two miracles must be attributed to him and recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. With the first, he would earn the title "Blessed." A second, and he can be named a saint, unless the requirement is waived by the Pope.

The miracles are said to give proof that the would-be saint is both in heaven and can bend God's ear to certain prayers. "Saints are seen as people who are a little bit closer to God," said the Rev. Michael Witczak, an associate professor at Catholic University who studies the saints.


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