Dexie Cercos , senior, and Colin Lemnitzer , sophomore, were quoted in a WTOP story on the upcoming visit of Pope Francis. See below.

Catholic University students prepare to be 'part of a historic moment' with pope's visit

From: WTOP Date: Sept. 3, 2015 Author: Max Smith


Students say the pope's visit has created a buzz on campus.Related Stories

"We're a very faith-based university, but it's been kind of like an extra level this year in terms of people going to mass, getting ready for the pope to come, getting really excited," says Dexie Cercos, a senior at the university.

"Hopefully I'll be right there," she says pointing to the open space next to the Basilica.


Sophomore Colin Lemnitzer from Connecticut has high hopes of getting a standing-room ticket to the mass through the university. In the meantime, Lemnitzer has been inspired by the pope's visit to step up his commitment to service.

"People are a little worried about tickets, and how are they going to get in, are they going to be able to see the pope, but there's definitely an excitement that hasn't been around, definitely something special," he says.


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