John Garvey , University President, was interviewed on WAMU on the upcoming papal visit and the "Francis Effect." See below.

At Catholic Colleges Closest To D.C.'s Papal Visit, Leaders Size Up The 'Francis Effect'

From: WAMU Date: Sept. 8, 2015 Author: Joe Warminsky

At one of the Catholic colleges within D.C.'s borders - the Catholic University of America - the popularity and energy of Pope Francis will be directly observable in a couple of weeks, when he celebrates a large outdoor Mass that will include the canonization of a saint.

But administrators at that school and at the District's other two Catholic institutions of higher learning - Georgetown University and Trinity Washington University - say the "Francis effect" is already very real for them, and in multiple ways. For anybody who cares about connecting people with the faith, they say, the Francis era has been undeniably productive.

John Garvey, the president of Catholic, first got a sense of it in 2013, when he and several students camped out on Copacabana Beach in Brazil during the pope's visit there.

"People would just run up to his car, which was an open jeep, and they were throwing flowers in, and the driver was getting smacked in the face by the flowers," Garvey says, smiling while remembering the scene. "People would hold their babies up to kiss him. It's a wonderful thing for the church that he's been so open and unaffected and inviting like that."


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