Kyra Lyons , assistant vice president for Alumni Relations and University Advancement, was quoted in a story about an alum who won the lottery for a ticket to the Papal visit. See below.

New London woman to attend papal mass

From: Post-Crescent  Date: Sept. 8, 2015 Author: Grace Ebert


Kyra Lyons, assistant vice president for alumni relations and university administration, said hosting a papal Mass is one of the greatest and most exciting experiences for current and former students, along with faculty and staff on campus.

"Being that we're the only university to host our now third pope to the campus is a pretty big deal," Lyons said. "I'm sure this will be a life-changing event for those who are coming."

Lyons said Solberg, like many alumni chosen to attend, was in awe when she heard she was selected to attend the Mass.

"They're so thankful that they have this opportunity and we're thankful to give it to them," Lyons said. "We're excited that we have alumni coming from all over the country."

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