Chen Guangcheng , visitor scholar and fellow at the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies, was quoted in an Aleteia article on China's changes to the one-child Policy. See below.

China Relaxes One-Child Policy, but Control Persists

From: Aleteia Date: Oct. 30, 2015 Author: John Burger

China's announcement that it will end its decades-long policy of restricting couples to having one child was greeted with a mix of skepticism and hope that it will be followed by greater freedom.

"I don't see them abolishing the fundamentals of the [one-child-per-couple] policy; they are simply relaxing certain aspects of it. The structure of the policy remains," said Chen Guangchen, a human rights lawyer who has fought the regimen of forced abortions in his native China.

"But we shouldn't understand this as the Chinese Communist Party getting rid of the entire system of population control," Chen said in an interview. "They are not giving up their control of people's reproductive choices."


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