Bob Destro , professor, law, was included in a panel on the Diane Rehm Show discussing Pope Francis's first visit to the U.S. See below.

Pope Francis Makes His First Visit to the U.S.

From: The Diane Rehm Show Date: Sept. 21, 2015


FIEDLER: Yes. So enormous number of different people, but it's interesting to see, like, who was invited to the White House, representatives, for example, from the Catholic LGBT community have been invited, people who have advocated for gay rights for years. And whereas Francis has been very pastoral in that regard, he has made no substantive changes in church dogma or teaching on that issue.

REHM: How controversial is that, Bob Destro?DESTRO: What, that he's going to be meeting with people? I don't think that's...REHM: No, with LGBT people, with others.

DESTROI don't think it's controversial at all, really. I think it might be a little bit more controversial for the White House to put him in that position, you know. But nonetheless, I mean, Jesus himself met with the woman at the well and reminded her to bring her husband next time. So I mean, you know, Francis is a pastor and he will act as a pastor....

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