John Grabowski , associate professor, moral theology, was featured in a story on Americans attending the Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the Family in Rome. See below.

From: National Catholic Register Date: Oct. 16, 20 Author: Susan Klemond


Another American serving as an "expert" (called upon to provide resources to the synod fathers), Catholic University of America professor John Grabowski, agreed that the discussion this week in both the assembly and the language groups has been "fairly positive and fruitful."

Grabowski, a moral theology/ethics professor at the Washington-based university, also noted that there is uncertainty within the synod about what the Holy Father plans to do with the assembly's fruits.

Grabowski said he was honored to be asked to serve at the synod, although he wasn't completely sure at the outset what his duties would be. Overall, he sees his tasks as listening to and summarizing the synod fathers' general assembly interventions, serving as a resource in language-group discussions, assisting bishops in drafting related texts and assisting in the development on the final pastoral guidelines. He and the Witczaks are in different language groups.

Grabowski will not give an intervention at the synod, as only synod fathers and auditing couples give them, he said, adding that he frequently speaks in his language group, expressing his opinion on the topics at hand.

"My impression of what Pope Francis is aiming for with these synods is: How can we better minister to families and the wounds that they have both internally and as a result of the culture in which we live, so that families can be equipped, not just to pass on the faith internally, but to be agents of the New Evangelization in the culture?" Grabowski said.


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