Maryann Cusimano Love , associate professor of politics, was quoted in a Sept. 22 Atlantic article discussing Pope Francis's upcoming visit to the United States.

Pope Francis Is Not 'Progressive'-He's a Priest

From: Atlantic Date: Sept. 22, 2015 Author: Emma Green


Trying to understand Francis as a political figure is also tricky. It's essentially meaningless to try and place him on the spectrum from "left" to "right" in the United States, contorting the poor pope to fit the mishmash of statism and individualism that plagues U.S. politics. But even more than that, America is not his primary audience.

"Two-thirds of the Catholic Church is now in the developing world," said Maryann Cusimano Love, a politics professor at the Catholic University of America. "That's totally flip-flopped from two centuries ago, when two-thirds of the Catholic Church was in the global north."


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