John K. White , professor, politics, was quoted in a Deutsche Welle article on Paul Ryan and the republican party. See below.

Why Paul Ryan is unlikely to unite the Republican party

From: DW Date: Oct. 23, 2015 Author: Michael Knigge


"Clearly this is unprecedented," said John Kenneth White referring to the strife within the Republican Party. White is a political science professor at the Catholic University of America and recently published a book about the state of the GOP called "What happened to the Republican Party?"

The closest thing to the current turmoil, noted White, was the nomination of archconservative Senator Barry Goldwater as presidential candidate back in 1964 when the establishment also failed to have a convincing candidate. Goldwater lost that election by a landslide.

"The coming apart of the Republican Party certainly in presidential politics, but also in the Congress is absolutely quite evident," said White. "This has happened in some other countries as well and I think people should care."


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