David Bosworth , associate professor, theology, was quoted in Deseret News about teaching science to seminarians. See below.

Seminaries embrace NASA and Darwin to understand God's mysteries

From: Deseret News Date: Nov. 18, 2015 Author: Kelsey Dallas


Many seminary students are already clamoring for this kind of information, because they predict future church members coming to them for help understanding scientific discoveries, said David Bosworth, an associate professor of the Old Testament at Catholic University of America and the teacher responsible for making Cole read Darwin excerpts.

"Many of my students choose to do class projects on the theme of science and religion," he said. "They're thinking about the audience of people in their future parishes who will need help integrating science with Catholicism. Or considering evangelizing to secular people and atheists who might feel like it's impossible to" reconcile science with faith.

For his final project in Bosworth's class this semester, Cole plans to discuss bringing the Bible into conversation with scientific research on his blog and YouTube channel.

"The Catholic tradition has room for reason, philosophy and science," he said.


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