Stephen Schneck , director, Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies, published a blog for U.S. Catholic on recent terror in Paris, and the experience of Dennis Coyle , chair, politics. See below.

From: U.S. Catholic Date: Nov. 16, 2015 Author: Stephen Schneck

My phone pinged with an email from my colleague, Dennis Coyle. He was away from the university, giving some lectures in France. The email he sent was from Paris, with a photo of the Cathedral of Notre Dame illuminated against the darkness. Dennis had joined the thousands who streamed to the cathedral for the memorial Mass for those dead and wounded by the evil of Friday's terrorist attack. He described the scene outside the cathedral, packed with people who could not find room inside, the night brightened by the many watching Mass on their phones. People were singing along with the liturgy.

Here was an outpouring of love and faith against what Pope Francis called the blasphemy of terror. Here was a moving display of courage as Parisians publicly came together en masse along boulevards still stained with the blood of innocents. The photo of Notre Dame is a vignette for all of Paris-the City of Light, bright against the dark.


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