Max Torres , associate professor, business and economics, was quoted in a CNA story on the ethics of sourcing of diamonds. See below.

A bloody secret still haunts the diamond industry

From: Catholic News Agency Date: July 5, 2015 Author: Adelaide Mena


What - if anything - can Catholics do to counter the immense human cost still attached to some of these gems?

Plenty, according to Max Torres, business professor and Director of the Management Department at The Catholic University of America.

"In this economy, the consumer is king," he told CNA. "The day that consumers want to get worked up over diamonds, this will stop, whatever abuse it is we're trying to eradicate, it will stop."

While there are many steps in the process and levels of moral responsibility from consumers to the diamond exporters themselves, Torres maintained that ordinary people can still work to change large-scale moral problems in the industry.

"Do not underestimate the power of the consumer to move supply-chain decisions throughout the economy," he stressed.


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