Jon Klein, head of the M.F.A. Playwriting Program, was interviewed by Broadway Play Publishing, Inc., about his new play, "Young Robin Hood." Read more.

From: Broadway Play Publishing, Inc. Date: Dec. 15, 2015 Author: Michael Q. Fellmeth

" Laura: When did you first get the concept for Young Robin Hood and what was your inspiration?

Jon: I had always known that the legend of Robin Hood tapped into some basic themes and emotions that had the potential to affect young people. There's the adventure aspect, of course, but mostly the themes of rebellion and questioning authority that naturally become a part of growing up. Those issues are very specific to this story, and to both Robin and Marian (in this version, anyway) as they begin to enter adulthood. So this became an origin story, much like the recent reintroductions of other popular heroes like Batman or Spider Man.

Robin doesn't have super powers, but he begins to learn what power he does have, and how to use it. All kids of a certain age can relate to that. So can most adults, so I took pains to include an adult audience into the mix. Fatherhood and Motherhood have great importance in this version. How do parents deal with their kids when they begin to question the values they were taught? What happens when kids think their parents are wrong - and with good reason? Those ideas are in the play, but implied rather than preached. I wanted to make sure to add plenty of good old-fashioned fun and action, to make this play equally accessible and entertaining to both kids and adults.


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