Chad Pecknold , associate professor, theology, was quoted in an AP story on the upcoming historic meeting between the Pope and the Russia Patriarch. See below.

Historic step: Pope, Russia patriarch meet in Cuba Feb. 12

From: AP (via Fremont Tribune) Date: Feb. 5, 2016 Author: Nicole Winfield

... The meeting was years in the works and marks a major development in the Vatican's long effort to bridge the divisions in Christianity. For Kirill, it is perhaps trickier.

"Conservative forces within Moscow have said we don't like this reunification with the west ... (it) weakens us," noted Chad Pecknold, a theologian at Catholic University of America and author of "Christianity and Politics: A Brief Guide to the History."

He suggested the choice of Cuba, with its Soviet and communist ties, was significant particularly for Kirill, who will be in Cuba on an official visit at the time, his first to Latin America as patriarch.

In November 2014, Francis said he had told Kirill: "I'll go wherever you want. You call me and I'll go." ...

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