Michael Root , professor, theology, was interviewed by the New York Times on the 500th anniversary of reformation. See below.

Pope Francis, Catholics and Lutherans Will Recall Reformation

From: New York Times Date: Jan. 25, 2016 Author: Laurie Goodstein

Dialogue between Lutherans and Catholics has been "on the front burner" of both churches for years, and has resulted in more significant progress than many other ecumenical initiatives, said Michael Root, an expert on and participant in Lutheran-Catholic dialogue, and a professor of systematic theology at Catholic University of America, in Washington.

He said it was notable that the joint worship service would be in Sweden.

"There's been a great recognition that particularly the Scandinavian Lutherans have a greater affinity for the Catholic world than the Germans or Americans," Professor Root said. "They kept a more traditional church structure and style, and oddly enough, because there are virtually no Catholics in Sweden, it makes relations easier. There's no history of competition and no history of warfare."

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