Monsignor Kevin Irwin , research professor, was mentioned in a Catholic News Service article on the Laudato Si' conference. See below.

'Laudato Si" connects Catholic tradition, natural world and science

From: Catholic News Service (via Catholic Philly) Date: March 18, 2016 Author: Dennis Sadowski

... The pope links the natural world - ecology - in which humanity is one part with the basic needs of the human person, Msgr. Kevin Irwin, professor of liturgical studies at the university, said about the document. The pope shows the world how to respond to people in need, be they the immigrants who landed at Lampedusa, Italy, where he celebrated his first Mass outside of Rome after his inauguration three years ago, or those who are consumed with the 24/7 media culture made possible by ever-advancing communications technologies, he said.

By adopting the concept of an integral ecology - that all things of the world are connected - the pope is urging humanity to remember that each person has a responsibility to respect human dignity, protect the planet and use technology responsibly.

As such, "Laudato Si'" is "not just a teaching document, but it's a dialogue document," Msgr. Irwin said during the program, which was funded through a Science for Seminaries grant from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Not all the attendees were seminarians or clergy, but the program was developed with those audiences in mind to boost understanding that ministry in any form does not have ignore science. ...

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