Chad Pecknold , associate professor, theology, was quoted in a Monitor (Trenton, N.J.) story on choosing a college. See below.

In choosing a college, experts suggest in-person visits, discerning vocation

From: Monitor Date: March 28, 2016 Author: Patrick Brown

... "The two most important things to look for in a college or university is mission and witness," said Chad Pecknold, who teaches historical and systematic theology at the Catholic University of America. "Examine all of the institution's literature - not just the university as a whole, but even the descriptions of each of the schools and departments which make up the college or university...

"If you are able to visit a campus, try to meet some professors. Ask them how their faith informs their scholarship. Similarly, can you carry on interesting conversations with the students? Are they well-rounded and excited about their classes? Are they embarrassed about their faith, or are they confident in the truth of it?" ...

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