Matthew Green , associate professor, politics, was interviewed for a Christian Science Monitor story about why Paul Ryan is not running for president. See below.

From: Christian Science Monitor Date: April 13, 2016 Author: Francine Kiefer

... If the speaker can follow through on his promise to allow the right wing of his House caucus more input in decision making, it could help unify the party and improve the chances of his agenda becoming law, says Matthew Green, an expert on the speakership at Catholic University in Washington.

"You get everybody together, you work out a compromise, Congress looks better, you have a positive agenda. It's not easy, but that is one path forward for Speaker Ryan," particularly if he wants to pursue the presidency at some point, says Mr. Green.

Right now, adds Green, Ryan can help Republicans by continuing to put his youthful face and positive attitude forward in the media - which he is using much more than his predecessor John Boehner did. He's also turning out to be a lucrative fundraiser for the GOP.

"He's an effective spokesperson for the party, and he could work very well with a presumptive nominee," Green says. ...

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