Elise Italiano , executive director, communications, was quoted in a National Catholic Register story on Mother Angelica. See below.

How Mother Angelica Became the Fulton Sheen of Our Generation

From: National Catholic Register Date: April 4, 2016 Author: Brian Fraga

... Like Archbishop Sheen, Mother Angelica understood that the Church has to "open her doors and let Jesus out," as Pope Francis has said, said Elise Italiano, the executive director of university communications for The Catholic University of America.

"By using television, and later multiple media platforms, she put the face of the Church out into the public, which served to bring many people back to the sacraments and to communities of faith," said Italiano, who told the Register that she has "many memories" of watching Mother Angelica in her grandmother's living room.

Said Italiano, "She taught me countless lessons about the Catholic faith, but also how to share it." ...

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