Jay Richards , assistant research professor, business, was quoted in a Catholic News Service story on the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. See below.

Ryan: 'Religious Liberty Is Going to Make a Comeback'

From: Catholic News Service (via America) Date: May 17, 2016

... "The National Catholic Prayer Breakfast is a nonpartisan event that focuses on faith as Catholics and doesn't avoid the controversial issues of today," said Richards in a phone interview with Catholic News Service the day before the breakfast.

He said that this year, in many ways, would be different than the previous year he attended.

"The speakers represent not only the controversy in the church, but in the culture at large," said Richards. "The family has never been more under attack than it has been today in the U.S. Cardinal Sarah has been absolutely rock solid on the issue of marriage in the church and Speaker Paul Ryan is a good example of a Catholic in (the) legislature. Both the keynote speaker and the guest speakers are dealing with controversial issues." ...

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