University President John Garvey spoke at a Napa Institute conference in July. Catholic News Service covered his remarks. The story was picked up by the Boston Pilot, Catholic Herald UK, America Magazine, and Catholic San Francisco. See below.

Catholic universities need Catholic staff, says prominent academic

From: Catholic News Service, via Catholic Herald (UK) Date: July 14, 2016

... "I want to make one point. Building a Catholic university is not a complicated thing," John Garvey said during the Napa Institute's annual conference.

"The plan was laid out in 1990 by St John Paul in the apostolic constitution 'Ex Corde Ecclesiae,' a document that runs to about 50 pages.

"But the kernel of the argument is in four short lines near the end. St John Paul says for a university to be Catholic a majority of its faculty must be Catholic," Garvey said.

"He did not say he and the other bishops should superintend the Catholic character of a Catholic university," Garvey said.

That was the pontiff's "way of saying bishops are not academics," he continued. "We don't know how to build university faculties. The only thing we insist on is that you choose Catholics to do it. This is, as I say, a fairly simple plan. If the university follows it, the university will be Catholic. If it doesn't, it won't." ...

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