Monsignor Kevin Irwin , research professor, was quoted in an Associated Press story on a New Hampshire parish offering traditional Latin Mass. See below.

Parish set to offer traditional Latin Mass

From: Associated Press (via Date: Aug. 7, 2016 Author: Michael Casey

... Monsignor Kevin Irwin, research professor at The Catholic University of America, said the Latin Mass - or Tridentine Mass - is one tool the Catholic Church is using to "bring back the groups that went away from the church after Vatican II."

"It's an act of trying to reconcile," Irwin said. "It's not liturgy in terms of style or pomp and circumstances. It's wanting to make sure the church doesn't break down."

Over time, however, Latin Masses have become a personal preference for some, and people do in fact like the pomp and circumstance, Irwin said.

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