Bill Bachman , interim head coach, football, was profiled in a Washington Post article. See below.

He left a big-time law firm - to become a Division III football coach

From: Washington Post Date: Sept. 29, 2016 Author: Dan Steinberg

Bill Bachman had the perfect Washington career. He was a partner at Williams & Connolly, consistently ranked as the city's top law firm. Lunches came from the firm's beautiful attorney dining room. He had a closet full of suits with his name embroidered in the lapel. He specialized in anti-trust cases, environmental crimes and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. His salary? Let's just say that life was comfortable.

Bachman also had some nagging doubts. That he wasn't taking advantage of his greatest talents. That his career wasn't as satisfying as it should have been. And that he couldn't keep telling his kids to pursue their creative passions if he wasn't following his own advice. ...

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