David A. Bosworth , Ph.D., biblical studies, authored an entry posted on the Sinai and Synapses Blog regarding the compatibility of science and theology, and how religious figures can parallel the two. See below.

From: Sinai and Synapses Blog Date: Aug. 25, 2016 Author: David A. Bosworth

"Maybe you are concerned or frustrated with the widespread claim that science and religion are in conflict. Maybe you are concerned that your students or congregants will either deride science or abandon their faith. Or maybe you don't feel sufficiently literate in any of the sciences to adequately help others to do the work of integrating science and faith within a framework that helps make sense of "both-and" rather than an "either-or" choice.

I hope here to share some lessons learned about how to - and how not to - integrate relevant science into your theological discussions..."

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