University President John Garvey and Zach Beckman , senior, were mentioned in WTOP coverage of the University's day of service. See below.

Catholic University's 'Day of Service' dedicated to Saint Teresa

From: WTOP Date: Sept. 18, 2016 Author: Kathy Stewart

On Sunday, hundreds of students at Catholic University of America fanned out across the D.C. region to help the poor and the homeless for the university's "Day of Service."

This year the acts were in honor of a woman who dedicated her entire life to service - Saint Teresa."It's actually good to do it in celebration of someone who dedicated her whole life to service," said Zach Beckman, a senior at Catholic University.

More than 700 volunteers participated in the "Day of Service," according to Catholic University President John Garvey. Most of the volunteers were university students but some were facility members, families and alumni. ...

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