Robert Destro , Professor, law, was mentioned in a SCOTUSBlog posting on how the future Supreme Court Justice may interpret the "establishment of religion." See below.

The Court after Scalia: "An establishment of religion"

From: SCOTUSBlog 

Date: Sept. 12, 2016 Author: Robert Destro

Speculating on the impact that a newly appointed Justice will have on Establishment Clause cases is risky business. Justices must take care to preserve their independence and avoid making statements that might lead to reasonable questions about their impartiality , so asking how the newly appointed 113 th Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States would define the phrase "an establishment of religion" is likely to elicit a polite, but firm, statement declining to speculate about the outcome of any hypothetical case that might come before the Court. Nonetheless, it is a question worth asking...

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