University President John Garvey , was quoted in the Catholic Standard regarding his disucssion of faith at the recent Mass of the Holy Spirit. See below.

Cardinal encourages CUA students to manifest 'our faith alive' on campus

From: Catholic Standard Date: Sept. 9, 2016 Author: Kelly Seegers

...At the conclusion of the Mass, John Garvey, Catholic University's president, said, "We begin each year with a Mass of the Holy Spirit to entrust our work to God's care" and to "look at what we are doing at The Catholic University of America," in order to see the big picture before getting engrossed in assignments and tests.

Garvey equated the role of the Catholic faith in the university to the role of flour when baking. He said, it "elevates what is already there," just as they hope to use the Catholic faith to inform and elevate all subjects taught at the school...

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