Members of the CUA swim team were quoted in an article published in Swimming World Magazine discussing the benefits of reoccurring practice regimens. See below.

From: Swimming World Date: Sept. 47, 2091 Author: Emily Messina
...Every Thursday at The Catholic University of America (CUA) you will find the swimmers getting ready to complete the exact same set they did the week prior...and the week before that, and the week before that. Now, you might think this is exceptionally boring and redundant. Except that it isn't viewed that way at all. It is alluring and motivating and frustrating and satisfying all at the same time.
..."I think it definitely helps with race strategy,"Catholic University senior Peter Duval states. "Doing the same set allows you to learn how your body reacts in certain situations and, therefore, work on specific aspects of the race- i.e. that third turn in a 100 or timing your burst in a longer race."...
..."Having a recurring practice with sets related to my events is great!" CUA senior Joe Cihak says. "It serves as an indicator of where I am in the season and helps me reflect on what times I should be hitting during meets."...
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