Lucia Silecchia , professor, law, published an op-ed in the Examiner on the pitfalls of D.C.'s Death with Dignity Act. See below.

From: Washington Examiner Date: Oct. 6, 2016 Author: Lucia Silecchia

The District of Columbia's City Council will soon vote on legislation under the deceptively innocuous title: "The Death with Dignity Act." This assisted-suicide statute is hardly innocuous. Just as troubling, it is one of many pieces of legislation on the subject being introduced across the country.

I have no illusions about the nature of death and its pain. I've witnessed it firsthand. I also believe, unequivocally, that those at life's end and those who love them need and deserve care and support - not the implicit message that fragile lives should no longer be lived. The Hippocratic Oath includes an ancient promise not to "give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked" and not to "advise such a plan." This bill identifies a vulnerable group of people - those with a "terminal" diagnosis - for whom this will mean nothing. Along with the Council, all District residents must read this proposal carefully and ask some hard questions. ...

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