Joseph Capizzi , associate professor, moral theology, was quoted in a Catholic News Agency article discussing the Catholic Church's stance on voting. See below.

From: Catholic News Agency Date: November 7, 2016 Author: Adelaide Mena

...Reflecting on the document's underlying themes, Joseph E. Capizzi, associate professor of Moral Theology at The Catholic University of America, said that the guidance the bishops offer in how to form the conscience is the most important - and most challenging - point the bishops make.

"Too often we think of our consciences as immune to - and free from - external sources of guidance," told CNA. "Our particularly American understanding of 'self-reliance,' and even 'self-creation' balks at the idea that a 'well-formed conscience' is a conscience tutored by the world; by experiences shared by others, by reason and the natural law, and by the teachings of the Church that express that law."...

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