The Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies (IPR) organized a panel discussion on the Catholic Vote which included IPR Director Stephen Schneck . The event was covered live by C-SPAN and attended by a number of media outlets. See below.

From: Catholic News Service (via Catholic Philly) Date: Nov. 2, 2016 Author: Mark Pattison

... Catholics are giving a decided edge to Hillary Clinton, as she has a 5-to-4 margin over Donald Trump, according to a new poll released Oct. 31 at a news conference at the National Press Club.

Hispanic Catholics and white women are helping Clinton make these gains, said the poll results, released by the Public Religion Research Institute in conjunction with the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies at The Catholic University of America in Washington.

Clinton, the Democratic nominee, got support from 51 percent of Catholics compared to 40 percent for Donald Trump, the Republican nominee. This compares to a much closer 50 percent-48 percent advantage Catholics gave to President Barack Obama over GOP challenger Mitt Romney four years ago in Obama's re-election bid. ...

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