The Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies (IPR) organized a panel discussion on the Catholic Vote. The event was covered live by C-SPAN and attended by a number of media outlets. See below.

From: The Stream Date: Nov. 6, 2016 Author: Kathryn Jean Lopez

"Believe it or not, this election season may actually be on the brink of ending - though that's certainly a somewhat optimistic prediction. Regardless, this is an election that demands something different going forward. Most of us, it's probably fair to say, are voting against rather than for someone - even voting against two someones. So let's do something good for America and think about getting better.

During the fall in Washington, D.C., I led a few conversations on virtue sponsored by the National Review Institute, the Catholic Information Center and the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies at my alma mater, the Catholic University of America. An election discussion just a week before voting day included counsel for voters to move beyond themselves. Humility became the takeaway word..."

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