Matthew Green , professor, politics wrote an op-ed published by the Washington Post, discussing the re-election of Democratic House leadership. See below.

Nancy Pelosi will probably beat Tim Ryan. But that doesn't't mean her job is secure.

From: The Washington Post Date: November 18, 2016 Author: Matthew Green

Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan announced yesterday that he would challenge Nancy Pelosi as House minority leader. This was not entirely surprising: Many had speculated that Ryan would run after elections to the party's top leadership posts were unexpectedly delayed. But does Ryan have a chance at winning?

History suggests that his odds of success are low. Contested elections against incumbent party leaders are seldom successful. Of the 23 that have taken place since 1960, only six succeeded. (Five were in the GOP, which has historically been more prone to revolt.) No top House party leader has been ousted in a contested election in over five decades.

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