Matthew Green , professor, politics was quoted in an article published by the National Catholic Reporter discussing the election of Donald Trump. See below.

From: National Catholic Reporter Date: November 10, 2016 Author: Brian Roewe, Dennis Coday and Michael Sean Winters

...Matthew Green, who teaches politics at The Catholic University of America, is cautious about making predictions. "With Trump's victory, we are entering uncharted territory. Never before in our history have we elected a president with no experience in either elected government or military leadership," he said.

"In addition, while congressional Republicans have good reasons to rejoice at the prospect of achieving major policy goals with unified government, it's still not clear how much agreement there is between them and Trump," said Green, who specializes in the study of Congress.

"In many ways, the GOP remains a deeply fractured party. Trump's victory gave credence to those suggesting the party needs to abandon some of its core principles and embrace Trump's nationalist, isolationist, white-identity platform. I expect many Republicans in Congress will be hesitant to do so."...

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