Chad Pecknold , associate professor, theology, published op-ed pieces in America Magazine and ABC discussing the onset of the Trump presidency. See below.

From: America and ABC (via Religion and Ethics) Date: November 10, 2016 Author: Chad Pecknold

"Donald J. Trump is the next president of the United States. Say the words out loud a few times just to let it sink in that the star of the hit reality TV show, "The Apprentice," will now sit in the Oval Office and make judgments that impact the lives of 320 million Americans and hundreds of millions more across the globe. You can shout, "You're fired" back at the screen as much as you like, but on 20 January 2017, Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States of America.

Mr. Trump is newly converted to the Republican Party and was roundly opposed by principled conservatives. But he will nevertheless be a Republican president sitting in the White House with a Republican Congress ready to pass his legislation..."

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