David Walsh , professor, politics, wrote an op-ed published by The Catholic Thing, discussing the recent passage of assisted suicide legislation in DC. See below.

From: The Catholic Thing  Date: November 5, 2016 Author: David Walsh

"At a time when "Black Lives Matter" has become a highly effective slogan, it is ironic that, in heavily African-American Washington, D.C., the City Council is taking up the question of doctor-assisted suicide.

The contradiction was palpable in a candid news story the Washington Post published recently on citizen reactions, which tended to regard the measure as aimed at "old black people." In contrast to the sunny tone of the Post's own editorial on the subject, the District's residents were not slow to voice their darker suspicions. Intuitively, they knew that the option of assisted suicide, once opened, would not be easily contained within the limits of an ostensibly free choice"

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