Robing Darling Young , associate professor, theology, wrote an article publised in Crux Magazine, discussing her efforts creating an online archive of the life and language of Christian communities of the Middle East. See below.

From: Crux Date: November 15, 2016 Author: Robin Darling Young

"Earlier this week, Christians returned to their hometown of Keramlis, a town in the Nineveh plain, three weeks after Iraqi forces recaptured it. But their return was heartbreaking. Their beloved church and their houses were desecrated and demolished.

Two years ago, they and others in the region had to abandon their homeland of nearly two millennia. Their devastating loss prompted a group of scholars at The Catholic University of America to ponder how we might help preserve the record of their lives and their invaluable culture.

Our cross-disciplinary effort spans schools in the university, but has been centered in the Institute of Christian Oriental Research and Theology and Religious Studies to create a digital history project that is engaged in creating an online archive of the life and language of the Christian communities of the Middle East..."

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