Eleanor Holdridge , head of the MFA directing program, was interviewed by Broadway World. See below.

From: Broadway World Date: Dec. 12, 2016 Author: Elliot Lanes

... You are the head of the MFA directing program of Catholic University. When you are directing a show, how do you juggle rehearsals and teaching?

Mondays are traditionally the day off in professional theatre, so I load up all my classes on Mondays. I often teach three classes on that day and try to get - with the help of a very supportive faculty - our faculty meetings scheduled on that day as well. When I have undergraduate classes that require meeting multiple times a week, I try to schedule them in the mornings to free up my afternoon and evenings for rehearsal. When I am deep in tech, I often have my directing students come to the theatre to witness the work and get a glimpse into the profession. I integrate this experience with the assigned class work. In terms of research and preparation, I plan ahead so that I can be ready for either class or rehearsal. I do find that I am a better teacher because of my professional work, and a better director because I teach. ...

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