Enrique Pumar , associate professor, sociology, wrote an article published in Our Sunday Visitor, discussing the death of the former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro. See below.

From: Our Sunday Visitor Date: December 7, 2016 Author: Enrique Pumar

...For a minority, the legacy of Fidel Castro is his resistance and unabashed nationalism. He transformed the image of Cuba from another recreational Caribbean outpost to an assertive nation, at times even attaining notoriety in international affairs. Skeptics should remember Cuban involvement in Africa, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the defeat of the American-led invasion of Playa Girón among the most valuable foreign prizes.

He understood, perhaps better than anyone else, that as island nations go, Cuba had to forge strategic partners around the globe to survive, and to that end, his regime promoted an adventurous internationalist policy that was second to none. In a recent conversation with a former ambassador from South America who is an unapologetic critic, Cuban security intelligence apparatus and diplomacy were regarded among the most effective in the world...

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