Angela Knobel published an op-ed in the Washington Examiner reflecting on the Women's March and March for Life arguing against the idea that feminists cannot be pro-life. See below.

From: The Washington Examiner Date: Jan. 26, 2017Author: Angela Knobel

One of the freshmen in my philosophy class has a sticker on her laptop that reads "Pro-Life Feminist." She participated in the Women's March on Washington. She also plans to participate in Friday's March for Life.

Another student in the same class campaigned for Hillary Clinton and served as a campus point person for the Women's March. She's also pro-life, and also plans to attend Friday's March for Life.

They, like many other women who will participate in both events, see no contradiction. They're aware that as the Women's March organizers insisted (albeit only at the eleventh hour) there was contradiction. But in their view, the only contradiction lies in the organizers' last-minute decision to exclude pro-life groups. After all, the march was supposed to be a celebration of diversity, open to everyone who supports women's rights and everyone who believes that "defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us." They believe in both. They just also happen to believe that the unborn are among the marginalized.

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