Jay Richards, research professor, business, published commentary in the Hill on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. See below.

From: The Hill Date: Feb. 21, 2017Author: Jay Richards

On February 14th, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) gave the American people a big, beautiful Valentine by introducing legislation to abolish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

"Don't let the name fool you," said Senator Cruz in the press release announcing the effort. "The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau does little to protect consumers. During the Obama administration, the CFPB grew in power and magnitude without any accountability to Congress and the people."

"The legislation that Rep. Ratcliffe and I are introducing," Cruz continued, "gives Congress the opportunity to free consumers and small businesses from the CFPB's regulatory blockades and financial activism, which stunt economic growth." ...

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