Very Rev. Mark Morozowich , dean, theology and religious studies, and Michael Kimmage , associate professor, history, were quoted in a Catholic News Agency on Holodomor, an induced famine in Ukraine. The story was reposted by Catholic News Agency in December.  See below.

From: Catholic News Agency Date: March 5, 2017Author: Adelaide Mena

... "The story is really horrific: the amount of people who went through life and were forced to eat horrible things just to stay alive," Ukranian Greek Catholic priest Fr. Mark Morozowich told CNA.

"People talk about (how) there would just be some water with a little bit of fat in it that they were able to eat," said Fr. Morozowich, who also serves as dean of the School of Theology and Religious Studies at the Catholic University of America.

"And then the stories of people dying: the young people, the old people, in some cases, if there were protests, people were shot and killed," he recalled. "It was really a demonic reality in some ways." ...

"I don't think that the way to think about the Holodomor is as something that there was a clear blueprint for and that the blueprint was just put into action," said Prof. Michael Kimmage, a history professor at the Catholic University of America.

"It was a number of competing agendas and, of course, the willingness of Stalin and those in his inner circle to inflict tremendous suffering on the population of the Soviet Union." > Continue reading.