April 27, 2017

John Kenneth White, associate professor, politics, was quoted in a Catholic News Service story on John F. Kennedy.


... John Kenneth White, associate professor of political science at The Catholic University of America, who specializes in history, said Kennedy was aware of not wanting to be seen as “soft” and “weak on communism leading into a 1964 re-election campaign. JFK used a “spokes of the wheel” model of governing, listening to competing arguments by top staffers, before deciding on a course of action. As opposed to Jimmy Carter and current President Donald Trump, White noted, Kennedy made the model work.

“Kennedy always had an insatiable curiosity. He was an avid reader of newspapers. He was prone to call an assistant secretary to ask about different things he had read in the newspaper — not the Cabinet secretary,” White said.

“He also had a marvelous capacity to grow in the presidency. You saw that growth from the Bay of Pigs to the Cuban missile crisis. When it came to challenging the intelligence community, he challenged information that was given to him,” he added. ...

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