May 31, 2017

Stephen Schneck, former director of IPR, was interviewed by Crux for a story on his year’s at the head of the institute and its history.

In 2005 when Father, now Bishop, David O’Connell tasked Steve Schneck with reshaping the Catholic University of America’s Life Cycle Institute, he envisioned a new Catholic think tank of sorts that would produce academic research on the various stages of life from a distinctively Catholic perspective.

Twelve years later, as Schneck steps down from his tenure at what is now the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies (or IPR as it’s commonly referred to), he’s reflecting back on the transformation with a mix of pride and nostalgia. “It really worked quite well,” he told Crux.

The Life Cycle Institute was organized in 1974 with a particular focus on the study of the family, comprised by a mix of sociologists, psychologists, economists, and anthropologists. ...

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