June 19, 2017

Commentary on Peggy Noonan’s commencement address was published in USA Today network papers. An excerpt was published by the New York Times in a wrap up of commencement speeches, and it was also referenced in a LI Herald op-ed


... That was the punchline in her urgent appeal for the graduates to grasp that there is much more to life than the fleeting contents of the glowing, omnipresent screens that dominate their days and nights.

Instead, the winner of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for commentary urged them to "embark on a lifelong relationship with a faithful companion who will always help you and sometimes delight you -- who will never desert you, who will make you smarter, and wiser, who will always be by your side and enlighten you all the days of your life.

"I am talking about -- books. You must not stop reading books. That's all. If you seek a happy and interesting life, one of depth, meaning and accomplishment, you must read books." ...

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